Life is Beautiful

It's insane, I completely forgot about livejournal. I came across a note on facebook about someone talking about their livejournal. I was shocked to see that mine still existed so I spent the last hour looking at old entries.<3 wow. I am tired as of now, but I shall return! Ciummo is comin' back!
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its 1 boyfriend is sleeping in my bed, and it just feels strange. I get this no emotioned "goodnight" and rollover action before we go to i can't sleep and it makes me think too much that I don't even want to sleep. I've got another long day tomorrow...and no one to kiss me. </3 i suck i guess?

life is decent eh?

school is driving me crazy.
i get to do 30 hrs observation at my old high school.
my boyfriend is cute.
and whats funny is i would have never seen me dating him in h.s.
im jobless.
and happy.

life is pretty decent.

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weee hoo..just uploaded some pictures of cousin stephania and myself up at pitt johnstown. i really dont update in here anymore...because i just dont care anymore. hah hahha h a haha. okay so birfday is this sunday and i go back to school on monday....raah! but lets see i got a car, (that works!) and i finally got my shit together with school, and i feel much better mmbout things than i did a few weeks ago! wee..time for some pictures.

yes titty shot..whatev.

best mexican food ever!

mwah ciummo.
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I can never win, no matter what the battle may be. I can't even have a care free summer. fuck.
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so i don't write in here anymore...i'm let's highlight important things that have happened...

+haven't been working as much
+getting ready to quit houlihan's
+bought a car for cheap bah mahself!
+been eating tons of Rita's within the passed couple of days
+going to ohio for fireworks twice now
+4th of july costed papa a lot of money=fun fun fun

-popped my mom's tire, and have to pay for another one
-my car needs a lot of work
-the inspection stickers were illegal ;X
-didn't get to see the devil wears prada like i wanted to so badly the other day BECAUSE i popped my mom's tire
-haven't started working out like i wanted to
-no money


im in love with my boyfriend oh so much!

okay so thursday marked one year for dave and i and twas remarkable may i add!-we had such a fun time and i love him so much! i got all girlied up and we went out for a nice lunch at houlihan's, and had some delicious food. after we headed to the zoo...(almost a year ago is where my senior prom was held, and that's where the magic happened! aka first kiss.) it was lovely! we took lots and lot of pictures!<3 so after that we headed back to my place and he went home to change for later events. after it started to rain pretty bad and we had to go and check out a tux for next thursday's prom! weeeeee. we had dinner reservations @ 8:00, at the melting pot and we got there a lil late but it was alright. anyways it was really good food and of course the best part was dessert! mmm so it was a really lovely day, and i keep thinking about how perfect it was and how i'm such a lucky gal to have dave as my lover!!! MWAH.

(i'd write more but i must go to work.)

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